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Albert "Jay" Levy

’82 Productions is a company that prides itself on the creation of music in multiple genres. Although our roots are in Hip Hop, R&B and Jazz, our extensive study of the various styles of music enables us to be a more creative and "out of the box" company.


Jay Levy, our Lead Producer and CEO, is a Mississippi native born in a family of musicians and raised in the capital city of Jackson. His early love of music was influenced by the soulful sounds of the south which includes a rich heritage of a blended mix of Gospel, Blues, R&B, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

He began his musical journey at the age of eight, when he taught himself to play the piano. He soon learned to play the saxophone which opened many other opportunities for him to practice and perfect his craft. This innate ability spilled into his high school years and was recognized by the Band Director and he solicited his expertise in arranging music for the school's band department. He was selected again in college to lead the world renowned Sonic Boom of the South at his alma mater, Jackson State University, where he majored in music and earned his first degree. He also attended Full Sail University earning a Masters degree in Business Entertainment. 

Meanwhile, Jay Levy continues to add to his resume as he produces for artists and production companies. Additionally, as an educator for more than 15 years and an experienced Musical Supervisor specializing in live music, musical effects, scoring for plays and film scoring, '82 Production brings to the table a wealthy array of talent and musical diversity of which our clients will appreciate and enjoy.

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